Product Designer
Anneliese Pineda Klein

Hey! I’m a product designer with expertise in facilitation, vision work & growth design

Vision Design Workshop
I designed and facilitated a 4-day workshop with remote and in-person participants.
Mattermost Channel templates
Now you can create channels using templates that have pre-selected boards and checklists for projects.
Onboarding Redesign
A redesign that better communicates product value and guides the set up of their workspace
Purchase Flow Redesign
A simplified, frictionless purchase flow that is is now completely within the web/desktop app
Freemium + Paid Tiers
Clear call outs to identify which features belonged to which plan and how to start a trial.
Linked Boards Onboarding
One of the many A/B tests I designed as the lead designer on the growth team.

My experience

I have been fortunate to have a career that has spanned Los Angeles to New York to Berlin. From communication-tech to restaurant-tech to finance tech, I have learned from the best of the best, and from all over the world. I set a high standard for myself and my team with a greater focus on testing and learning than perfection.

Senior Product Designer
November 2020— Current
UX Designer
May 2019— November 2020
UX Designer
September 2018— May 2019
UX Designer
March 2018— September 2018

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